Brown Patch Fungus

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The everlasting struggle to make your grass the greenest in the land can very quickly be stumped by the appearance of Brown Patch Fungus. In your overzealousness to create a healthy lawn it is very easy to destroy it. Overwatering is one of the most common ways to hurt your lawn (second to underwatering your lawn). And that no point does it become more apparent that this is an issue when brown patches of grass begin to grow in your once gorgeous lawn.

Here in Northern Virginia it is not uncommon for grass to be over watered. Northern Virginia is a natural marshland complemented by a very humid climate. In this climate certain fungi will flourish because of the abundance of moisture in both the air and earth. The most common fungus is called “Brown Patch” or “Brown Patch Fungus”. If it is hot and humid out then you can rest assured that you will find Brown Patch trying to get a foothold in your lawn. So what do you do to avoid and/or survive the Brown Patch Fungus?

Restrict Your Watering

The primary method to surviving Brown patch is to restrict your watering. Just slow down the watering schedule and give your grass a chance to dry out. It is not uncommon for people to make sure their lawn is watered a few times per week and while this is generally a good idea it becomes a problem when people allow the sprinkler to run for long periods of time on a specific section of their lawn. The water builds up and causes the grass to become waterlogged and gives a chance for Brown patch to get a foothold. It is important to make sure that you don’t water any section of your lawn for more than 15 minutes and if you are already struggling with the Brown patch fungus then try not to water more than once per week until the fungus is completely gone.

Restricting watering to the morning or evening is also a good plan. When you water your lawn during the heat of the day the roots of the grass grow towards the surface trying to chase the water as it evaporates. This causes the grass to become weak because I can’t get down deep were all the nutrients in the dirt are located. When the grass becomes weak diseases such as the Brown patch fungus can gain a foothold with relative ease.

Treat Your Lawn with a Fungus Control

Fortunately for us, destroying the Brown patch fungus is easy enough if you adhere to some of the watering steps above. Antifungal sprays are available at your local home and garden center for purchase. By using these sprays on your lawn you will be able to kill the Brown patch without causing any harm to your grass. Once you’ve killed off the fungus make sure to so more seed in the affected areas so that there is no room for the fungus to grow back.

Ultimately, a combination of the watering and fungus control techniques should be able to resolve any fungal issues and your lawn.

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