What Height Is Just Right?

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Lawn distress, disease, or weeds can be caused by many factors, but mowing height does not need to be one of them. So when it comes to the question of “what is the ideal mowing height for your grass?” You need to be certain that you are keeping it within that recommended height tolerances consistently. Otherwise, you could end up with a sick lawn or unwanted increase of weeds.
There are several different types of grass common to Northern Virginia, but the vast majority of lawns will be comprised of the three types listed below. It is important to keep all of them within a healthy height for their specific species.

Proper Mowing Height:
Bermuda Grass: ¾ to 1-½ in.
Fescue (Most Common): 2 ½ to 3 in.
Zoysiagrass: 1 to 2 in.

Proper mowing height helps the lawn become stronger and reduce weeds growth. These heights are best achieved with frequent mowings. While maintaining an exact height is not always possible with all that Mother Nature throws our way, it is important not to let it grow too tall and then cut it too short. Consistency is key to preventing a distressed lawn.

Those with a green thumb understand that lawn care is a marathon and not a sprint. It requires consistency and a regular time investment to make sure that the lawn remains healthy. Using the mowing measurements above and a weekly mowing schedule can eliminate mowing height as the cause for lawn complications.

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